Swiss Machining

Our Citizen Swiss Lathe capabilities enable turning up to 20 millimeters, at strict tolerances.

A Full Service Company

  • We maintain a full set of manual lathes, mills, grinders and screw machines.
  • We apply special finishes, plating, or heat treating to your order.


Vulcan Products LLC uses a complete line of precision-quality CNC equipment to meet your needs.


We use Okuma, Hyundai-Kia, Romi and Citizen products complete with bar feed, y-axis, live tooling and subspindle. This fleet of lathes is capable of producing high-quality parts in quantities large or small. Our standard inventory is equipped to handle turning diameters up to 12 inches.


Haas and Kia-Hyundai products including 4-axis indexing head. A maximum table size of 20"x36" will accomodate a variety of projects. In addition, live tooling and subspindle capabilities on our Okuma turning centers join the areas of milling and turning into one efficient process.